Useful links to other websites


Dorset County Council’s ‘Sight & Hearing Services’

Dorset County Council Adult and Community Services provide a range of services for people with a visual impairment or who are Deaf (Deaf is a term used to cover all people with some type of deafness and includes those who are hard of hearing, partially deaf or profoundly deaf).



A Yahoo! based newsgroup designed specifically for people who produce articles for the blind.  Whether you’re a Talking Newspaper reader, recording technician, or if you’re just helping those who cannot see, this is the newsgroup for you.  Email subscription is compulsory to read messages, which are sent.  You can ‘un-subscribe’ at any time.


British Wireless for the Blind Fund

Their job is to try and supply radio and audio sets to all registered blind and partially sighted people who are in need.  This organisation commissions special radio sets - they're not available commercially and are specially made
for blind people.


ACB Radio
An American based website, which has pre-recorded articles on just about anything! Even Soundings can be found here, all stored for the world to hear.

BBC On-Line
The BBC have it all - really. Simply find what you're after, and if it's not in audio format, print it out, and get a reader to read it. Simple! Whether it's gardening issues, health, lifestyle, the weekly recipe, interviews, or the latest on global warming, it's all on here! Take a look for yourself just how much is available to you.

BBC Radio On-Line
BBC Radio stations has loads of audio material, which may be of use. Don't forget, it's not just music on there you know, there are some great interviews, shows, comedy snippets and articles of use for many an hour. This however, should be listened to and perhaps thought about before use. Whether it's the BBC World Service, or Radio 7, you'll find them all here.

Recipes On-Line!  
Good heavens! Here you can choose almost any kind of recipe. Simply print it out, or read it straight from the screen. Whether you want a recipe for a specific dish, or from a specific programme. Perhaps you're a really fussy blighter, and only a recipe from a specific chef will do? Well, that's fine too! See for yourself, and never be without a recipe again!!

Royal Mail
The people who make our delivery service possible! On-line postcode & address finder also available here.

An internationally available 'magazine style' presentation specifically designed for blind or visually impaired people. Depending on seasonality, this site sometimes contains articles, which may be downloaded to use as magazine articles. 

The site where you can obtain what's known as the 'Data file' for this month's edition of the soundings magazine. Audio versions of the magazine, both current and archived are also available here.

TNAUK stands for 'Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom'.  They're almost like our 'Head Office'.  They're worth a look though if you want to see what they're about. Also available here, is an on-line directory of all the registered Talking Newspapers within the UK.


TNF (Talking News Federation)

A section of their website is designed for members of local Talking Newspapers and Talking Magazines to receive information about the different aspects of managing a local Talking Newspaper.  This section has a password and contains details, which will be available to members only. This web site will continue to grow and offer different ways to carry out the various tasks that are needed to run a local Talking Newspaper.