Here are some details of our studio activity on a Wednesday morning…


Listeners’ wallets are delivered to us in large Royal Mail sacks. 

These sacks are then emptied onto a table ready for sorting.


Each listener has his or her own unique identification number.  This number is entered onto our computer.  Our computer will then display who’s wallet we’ve got, and will tell us whether or not this listener requires our publication this week.

Arthur's Pics 18 007 Arthur's Pics 18 005


Next, we empty all the wallets.

CD’s which are returned to us cannot be re-used.  They can however be recycled.

Listeners are advised to either keep their CD’s, or recycle them.


After identifying who requires our publication this week, we sort the wallets into separate piles, depending on where they live.  This helps with loading them back into the large mail sacks ready for posting back to our listeners.


Arthur's Pics 18 009 Arthur's Pics 18 018


We’d like to advise new customers that we are now only supplying our publications on the USB format.  If you wish to receive our services but don’t have a Memory Stick player, don’t worry.  We can supply a player for you to use, with our compliments.  This will be loaned to you free of charge, and we’ll look after any maintenance / replacement costs where needed.  Please contact us, and ask a member of our team if you’d like to learn more.