The South West Dorset Talking Newspaper provides a weekly dose of local news and a talking magazine, free of charge, to people who are either blind or partially sighted.


We serve the Weymouth, Portland, Lyme Regis, Bridport, Dorchester, Sherborne and Blandford areas but we have listeners all over Dorset, in neighbouring counties and even

further afield.





Local Talking Newspapers have been available since 1970 and now 467 groups have been formed throughout the United Kingdom.


In October 1987, the South West Dorset Talking Newspaper was born, fulfilling a service, which had hitherto not been available in the area, and on January 20th 1988, the first edition was issued.


All of this was accomplished in a remarkably short time, by a regular and reliable team of volunteers who’s input is greatly appreciated by our listeners as confirmed by the messages of thanks received from them.





Each week a team of editors extract items of news from local newspapers, which are supplied to us free of charge.  These are then recorded on a computer by a team of readers and technical staff, then transferred on to USB ‘Memory Sticks’.  They’re no bigger than your finger, and they slot into either a computer’s USB socket, or any USB socket on a home TV, Hi-Fi or any other appliance with USB technology.  Sky+ & Sky HD boxes, although fitted with USB sockets are not compatible with this service.


We’d like to advise customers that we are now only supplying our publications on the USB format.  If you wish to receive our services but don’t have a Memory Stick player, don’t worry.  We can supply a player for you to use with our compliments.  This will be loaned to you free of charge, and we’ll look after any maintenance / replacement costs where needed.  Please ask a member of our team if you’d like to learn more.


A Magazine section is also recorded. This section includes such items as…


·       Articles from magazines

·       Interviews

·       Reports of special events in the area

·       Stories from our listeners

·       Stories of travel

·       Information on current services available for visually impaired

People, and much more.


Once the recording is completed, the master material is duplicated by means of high-speed copiers and then despatched to our listeners in protective wallets, free of charge, by kind permission of Royal Mail.